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  RSReport Designer

RSReport Designer is provided by Roth Soft, Switzerland.

LehrerOffice is a product of Roth Soft. It is an Office-Software designed for teachers. The cross-platform version, 'LehrerOffice Easy' is written in REALbasic.

This isn't the place to describe everything that can be done with LehrerOffice, but you can imagine that there are lot of reports that teachers want to print: address lists, analysis of their pupils achievements - and even the official school certificates. In several 'cantons' LehrerOffice is the official software for teachers to print the school certificates, approved by the governments.

In order to create, design and print all the required reports, Roth Soft has written a whole set of Report-Classes (RSReport) in pure REALbasic. With RSReport Designer, you can visually design the reports instead of creating reports only by code. Designed and coded reports can be combined, allowing very complex reports to be created.

But before you start, you have to know that our main business is our software 'LehrerOffice'. RSReport Designer is just a byproduct which we are happy to give back to the REALbasic community. But we can't and won't support it, and we don't intend to implement features we don't need for ourselves that you might find useful.

Give it a try, use RSReport Designer as it is - you're free to do so. But you'll have to figure things out with the documentation (not much available, mostly in German), the provided Examples - or simply by figuring it out on your own. There's no mail support, no forum - we simply can't and won't provide support for what's not our main business.

RSReport's main developer is Jörg Rosenowski.

Roth Soft, Geerenstrasse 6, CH-8477 Stammheim